Basic Guide to ACL Injury Prevention

Basic Guide to ACL Injury Prevention – Course Review

This course is designed to assist with preventing ACL injuries to your knees. This is done by providing an understanding of how ACL injuries are incurred, the various ways risks can be reduced and mitigated, and what strategies and exercises you can implement to prevent an ACL injury from being incurred.

The course is intended for athletes or any person who is involved in activities which require sudden changes of directions and pivoting movement and would like to minimise the risk of incurring an ACL injury. This could include a person who has previously recovered from an  ACL reconstruction or a person who is generally concerned about the risks of rupturing their ACL.

This course goes into particular detail on the following key topics:

  • Why the ACL gets injurred in the first place
  • About why the ACL is so important and typical scenarios which can lead to the ACL tearing
  • The symptoms of an ACL injury from the point the injury occurs
  • Injury prevention strategies and treatments available to reduce the risk of suffering an ACL injury
  • A large number of ACL specific exercises to assist with injury prevention
  • Why females are a greater risk than males of incurring an ACL injury

You do not require any background knowledge and is suitable for people with a basic knowledge of exercise training

The key benefits of this course include:

  • Great value money this comprehensive package of information is designed to educate and prevent ACL knee injuries in people who wish to engage in activities which require sudden changes of movement of pivoting such as football, tennis, basketball,hockey, netball or similar sports
  • Empowers you to protect against ACL injuries and increase your confidence when undertaking activities of a more rigorous
  • Improving your core and lower body strength will generally assist with feeling healthier and leading a better quality of life
  • The course goes into a sufficient level of detail to learn the key requirements and treatments for preventing ACL tears.
  • Whilst a basic knowledge of exercise training is useful, the course is designed to teach the basics so that anyone can feel confident to follow the program
  • Easy to understand lecture style videos

Other course considerations:

  • Continuous one on one specialist physician appointments are not always possible for every individual due to time and money – this course can be taken at your own pace and is a resource you can keep coming back to
  • The course is relatively new however the patient reviews received so far have been positive

We recommend that you trial this course to assist with preventing ACL injuries as to avoid the pain and suffering incurred from rupturing an ACL.  The course is very fairly priced and provides high value for people looking for specific instructions and education on reducing the risk of an ACL injury.

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