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6 Tips for Driving After ACL Surgery – When Can I Drive?

You can drive after ACL surgery when you are confident and feel comfortable. This is different for everyone! Importantly, to drive after ACL surgery you must be able to brake suddenly in case of an emergency!  Accordingly, when you drive for the first time it is important to have control of your right leg in particularly. A doctor or therapist can assist to provide individual advice as essentially driving after ACL surgery should be assessed on a case by case basis. Generally speaking it
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4 Big ACL Prehab Exercises and Goals Before Your Surgery!

Once the decision is made to have ACL surgery it is very important to prepare your knee for surgery! Commonly referred to as ACL Prehab! The benefits of ACL prehab are significant. Research studies have shown that athletes who completed their ACL Prehab were on average able to advance their post surgery recovery faster than those people who did not perform knee rehabilitation before surgery. The decision to have ACL surgery is optional of course and we would recommend that you
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When and How Can I Shower After ACL Surgery?

You can shower after ACL surgery straight away and get wet as long as you are careful to keep the dressing and wound dry! Generally speaking most surgeons agree that you can shower straight away or within a few days after ACL surgery but you must take care to keep the dressing and incision dry. Prior to stepping under the running shower water, try wrapping a plastic cover or water proof plastic sheet (or bag) over your knee to help
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