Free Rehabilitation Checklist For An ACL Reconstruction

Start Learning How To Recover from An Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury With 5 Key Phases!

Are You Recovering From ACL Reconstruction Surgery?


  • Struggling to recover?
  • Challenged by your rehabilitation?
  • Reinjury concerns?
  • Correct exercises?
  • Knee swelling?
  • Lack of knee motion?
  • Returning to sport or activity?
  • Something else?

If you are recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery and want to make sure you are doing all the right things and avoid a poor recovery or reinjury then you want to get your hands on this FREE ACL checklist today!

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Key Common Risks To Action With Your ACL Recovery

  • Post-operative rehabilitation is critical to the success of an ACL reconstruction for both the long and short term condition of your knee
  • If you are not prepared to follow through with a recovery program including doing specific exercises to improve your knee functionality and strength than you are probably better off not having ACL surgery in the first place…
  • If you cannot lock your knee after 3 weeks post-surgery your chances of requiring additional surgery such as an arthroscope are significantly increased…
  • A new ACL graft is at its weakest point from week’s six to nine and quadriceps curls and leg extensions should be avoided for the first three months…
  • Some lower body exercises need to be AVOIDED in particularly in early rehab phases as they can actually cause stretching or loosening of the new ACL graft…

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