Are you a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach or fitness trainer?

Last updated on 23 May, 2019 

Feeling challenged to improve your patient outcomes?

Need to clock up accredited professional development hours in your field?

Struggling to find relevant courses that increase your personal knowledge and skills?

By simply inputting our promo code “ACLrecovery” you will save 46% on Medbridge online physical therapy continuing education courses.

That’s a saving of over $175 just by using our exclusive promotion code. 

Plus when you renew your subscription in 12 months time the 46% discount rate will still apply!

Our Medbridge promo code “ACLrecovery” works for physicians, strength and conditioning coaches, fitness trainers as well as other professionals including occupational therapists and nurses. 

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Why we recommend Medbridge

  • With Medbridge you get access to video-based online courses using 3D models with outstanding graphics to help you understand even the most difficult content. 
  • Medbridge’s online video format enables viewers to play and repeat courses on demand at a time that is suitable to you.
  • The Medbridge continuous education courses come with engaging videos also come with demonstrations, quizzes, case studies, evidence-based evaluations and interventions that you can apply. 
  • Medbridge offers high-quality online training which is also a great way to build is a great way for you to earn your CEUs.

What Are The Key Benefits of Medbridge?

Learn from the best: 

Medbridge gives you access to top instructors from all over the world bringing you high quality education without having to pay the fees normally associated with live courses. 

Earn all of your CEUs: 

Medbridge makes it really easy to see what courses are approved by your states using a simple scroll box.   

Annual subscription gives you 12 months access: 

It is easy to find single day courses that will cost you hundreds of dollars but its often hard to find high-quality courses that offer continuous value and the ability to learn over a 12 month period.  

Learn at your own pace:

The video-based format of Medbridge allows you and your team to learn at your own pace with any schedule.  

Access courses on mobile: 

The courses can be accessed through a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.  

Medbridge also offers a clinician mobile app for those who like to learn on the run at no extra costs. 

Courses built at various levels of complexity: 

Medbridge builds its courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to enable a progression pathway. 

Improved Patient Outcomes:

A key benefit of continuous learning, improving your knowledge and advancing your skills is improved patient outcomes.  

The Medbridge premium subscription also comes with the Home Exercise Builder module, patient education platform and a patient mobile app.  

These features are terrific for developing patient education and recommending more effective exercise routines to your patients that can be accessed from through their devices in the comfort of their own homes.  

What Are The Drawbacks?

Medbridge continuous education courses are delivered online which limits the ability to simultaneously interact with the instructor for the recorded sessions.  However, webinars and live courses are also offered by Medbridge which you can sign up to an d. 

How Long Does the Medbridge Discount Last For?

When you sign up with Medbridge using the “ACLrecovery” promo code you will have access to every course for a full 12 months.  Upon membership renewal, you will have access to the discount again at the same rate.  

What Medbridge subscription plans are available to you?

Whether or not you are a physical physician, strength and conditioning coach or fitness trainer there are essentially 3 key subscription offers that you can choose from Medbridge and they all offer excellent value.

The first 2 plans on offer are called the Education subscription and the Premium subscription. The “ACLrecovery” promo code can be used for both of these options.

Enterprise subscription features

The enterprise plan is the regular plan which includes:

  • Unlimited access to over 1500 courses
  • Compliance training
  • CEU management tools
  • Certificate Prep Programs
  • Live webinars
  • Video based learning
  • Clinician mobile app

Premium subscription features

The premium subscription is the next level up from the education subscription.

The premium subscription includes all of the features offered above in the education subscription plus the following additional features:

  • Home exercise builder which comes with over 5,000 exercises
  • Patient education platform to help educate and improve patient satisfaction
  • Patient mobile app for home exercise rehabilitation

Enterprise subscription

Medbridge also offers a very significant group discount through their enterprise subscription plan for groups with 5 or more clinicians. This is a great way to save money for your clinic.

To access the enterprise subscription you will need to contact Medbridge by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. The “ACLrecovery” promo code is also available for the enterprise subscription.

What price can you expect to pay for Medbridge education courses?

The discount rates offered below are the most competitive rates that Medbridge offer which represent excellent value for money – given that you be learning from the best instructors from all over the world and will receive a full years subscription and access to all courses offered by Medbridge.

Enterprise Plan pricing

A 46% discount rate applies to the Enterprise plan which will reduce the price from $375 to $200. In other words, you will save $175 by using the “ACLrecovery” promo code.

Premium plan pricing

If you elect for the Premium plan you will save 41% using our promo code. You will save $175 reducing the price from $425 to $250 per annum per user.

Would we recommend Medbridge?

If you are physician, coach or trainer looking to continuously learn, build your knowledge, and provide better patient outcomes then Medbride is definitely worth a look.

You can even watch the first lesson of each course for free so that you can try before you buy without any obligation.

For just the price of $200 per annum to a full years subscription, we are of the view that Medbridge offers excellent value for money.  

The continuous education courses provide you with the tools you need to improve patient outcomes, stay ahead of the game with your professional development and advance your career. 

You can also earn your CEUs through Medbridge courses which is an added bonus.  Certified courses are easy to validate per state.  This can be done for your profession and specialty using a simple scroll function. 

Next Steps?

To receive the $175 Medbridge discount simply follow these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Click the red button below to access the Medbridge discount.

Step 2: Next, click the subscribe button.

Step 3: Choose your subscription – Education or Premium.

Step 4: Enter your details and check to see that “ACLrecovery” is entered next to the promo code.